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Beauty Brands Choosing Humor To Reach Consumers

December 5, 2016: 12:00 AM EST
The beauty industry is tapping into the power of humor in the same way that other consumer product categories have done, recognizing that Millennials are rejecting some of the characteristics of traditional beauty advertising, including promoting what some see as an unattainable body image, and demanding authenticity and transparency. Also, the established beauty companies are facing intensifying competition from emerging independent brands and need to use new approaches to retain their consumer base. Humor has been used particularly for products aimed at men, and it helps generally to make the beauty category more accessible, alongside other unconventional marketing approaches, such as Dove’s concept of real beauty. [ Image credit: © Sandro Hyams ]
Nick Dormon, "Beauty Just for Laughs?", Beauty Packaging, December 05, 2016, © Rodman Media
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